VIRA is 


VIRA (formerly Vera Flash) is an American recording artist who started her career as a writer and stage actress in New York City. Dissatisfied with the roles available to women, she turned to writing one woman shows, progressing naturally to song writing and music as an outlet for creative expression not otherwise available. VIRA defines her music as dark rock R&B.

VIRA’s work is highly personal, as is her involvement in her own record mixing and all visual aspects of her performances and videos. Under her former incarnation as Vera Flash, her music was featured in worldwide commercials for BMW, Coke-Zero, and NBC Universal. The name VIRA comes from the Sanskrit word for hero and Greek/Latin word for truth, which are both significant themes for the artist, particularly in her most recent projects. Her release-in-progress, Sprits, is a coming of age journey, filled with heartbreak, musings on life, death, and a search for existential purpose. She currently records in both Brooklyn and LA.