VIRA is a recording and visual artist based in Los Angeles.  Born in New York, She majored in theater and history at The New School before writing a one-person play that she landed Off-Broadway.  It was during that time that she was introduced to the underground electronic scene living in the East Village and began to focus on music after garnering attention from producers like Lorn and Machinedrum.

Her music blends trap drums, ethereal synths, rap flows, and melodic singing, which she calls dark RnB.  Look out for some big collabs coming soon.

VIRA is a commissioned visual artist and creates with marker and ink.  She will be releasing a hand-drawn animation along with the “Mission to Destruct” single.   She is also creating a merch line called Dark Hearts Only that features her illustrations.

When shes not in the studio or drawing, she’s modeling for LA based street-wear brands like Melody Ehsani and Deep Lifestyles.  Watch out for a dope VIRA brand collab coming up in the near future.